Below are a few key immigrants from villages in Germany, France, and other parts of Europe who settled in Huron and Seneca counties of Ohio. Many were related to each other in the home country and continued to inter-marry in their new homes. This produced a rich fabric of relationships that fascinates me. I hope you find it equally interesting.

Emigrants from Kübelberg to Ohio.

John Frisch -- Johann Frisch was born in Kübelberg, the son of Michael Frisch and Anna Maria Strasser. He married Anna Maria Krupp in Kübelberg. She was the daughter of Daniel Krupp and Anna Elisabetha Velten of Kübelberg. They emigrated to Ohio with their children sometime after 1844.

Catherine Gros -- Catharine, daughter of Georg Gros and Elisabetha Krupp, emigrated to Ohio where she married John Phillips in 1850.

Eva Gros -- Eva, sister of Catherine and daughter of Georg Gros and Elisabetha Krupp, emigrated to Ohio, where she married Joseph Leis in 1856.

Johann Daniel Krupp -- Daniel emigrated to the USA in 1836. He married Mary Schabaker in 1844 and settled in Tiffin, Ohio.

Johann Georg Krupp -- George came to Ohio with his brother, Daniel. He married Catherine Sigmund and they farmed in the Bismarck area.

Frank Miller -- Frank was born in Brücken but settled in Kübelberg after marrying Anna Maria Orphey from that village. They emigrated to Ohio in 1852 with their children, where they farmed in Sherman township.

Peter Weidinger -- He was born in Kübelberg and married Elisabethe Krupp in that village. They emigrated to Ohio and farmed in the Sherman township area of Huron County.

Peter Leis -- Peter was born in Schmittsweiler and emigrated to Ohio with his parents and siblings. He married Margaret Frisch and they farmed in Sherman township.

Emigrants from Brücken to Ohio.

Frederick Braun -- Fred married Margaret Pirron in Oberbexbach. They emigrated to Ohio and farmed in Sherman township.

Emigrants from Oberbexbach to Ohio.

Joseph Ruffing -- The Ruffings were among the earliest settlers in Sherman township. They arrived with their children in 1833 when the area was still heavily forested.

Johann Schwartz -- John settled in Sherman township with his parents and his wife, Elizabeth Schwartz. John died suddenly in 1845 and his wife remarried.

George John Schwartz -- George was born in Oberbexbach and came with his parents to the United States in 1845. He married Joseph Miller's daughter, Elizabeth, and they lived in Sherman township, Huron County, Ohio.

Emigrants from Alsace to Ohio.

Joseph Fritz -- Joseph came to Ohio around 1847 from the Alsace region of France. He settled in Sherman township with his wife, Margaret Sandel, and their children. His son, Andrew, married Mary Elizabeth Velten at Assumption Church.

Other Important Emigrants to Ohio.

Jacob Becker -- Jacob and his wife, Magdalena, emigrated from Germany to the USA, living in Pennsylvania before settling in Huron County, Ohio. His son, James, married Catherine Frisch and became part of the migration from Ohio to southwest Missouri, settling in Wentworth, Missouri.