A list of significant content changes and additions to the web site. See the What's New page for changes to individuals in the database

24 Jan 2020

Upgrade to Second Site V8.0. The pop-up pedigree chart for each person was changed to the new interactive pedigree chart supported by V8.0

7 Nov 2019

Updated the links in the Resources page. Many European sites disappeared because of the EU privacy law. And some sites have not updated their server to handle the requirement to use the secure https protocol, so you may get a warning from your browser. Use those pages at your own discretion.

30 Aug 2019

Update to SS V7.04. Name searches will now match all diacritical marks. For example, searching for Müller will produce the same results as searching for Muller.

18 May 2019

Add chart links to pedigree charts.

28 June 2018

Update to SS V7.02. Cookies are removed. New Google Map API is implemented to restore embedded maps to functioning status.

24 February 2018

Update to SS V6.4. The website now implements https secure browsing. All pages should open using the SSL secure protocol.

13 February 2016

Add mapping links to place names, allowing a viewer to access a map of the place by clicking an icon.

13 February 2016

Rebuild the site using V6 of SecondSite to make the web site "mobile friendly".

18 January 2016

Corrected the IGI tables in the Resources section to reflect the latest reorganization of the FamilySearch.org web site.

26 April 2014

Added a page to the portal with pointers to presentations made by me to the Boston Are TUG covering TMG and Second Site. Updated the 404 Not Found page to include a pointer to the Search page. The Portal page is now built by SS V5.2.

06 April 2014

Updated the DNA results page to add Eurogenes K36 admixture results for Martha and me. The web site is now built by V5.2 of Second Site.

15 Nov 2013

Added a text box in the middle of each Person page pointing out that the page is copyrighted material and may not be copied without permission.

29 Sep 2013

Simplified the relationship section to just include myself and my wife.

28 Sep 2013

Reorganized a person entry to move the family section up above the body tag section, which for some persons can be very long. That section lists all spouses, whether children were born or not. The body tag section was titled "Life Events" to distinguish it from the family section.

23 Sep 2013

Added a Person ID search page and organized it and the search form into submenus off a Search button in the top menu bar. Also reorganized are the three indices (Master, Surname, Place) which are merged into submenus under a menu bar Index button. I didn't document the date it happened, but sometime in the recent past I added a Calendar item to the menu bar. It will display a calendar for the current month and will contain a list of persons with events on those dates.

14 Sep 2013

Since I have now started researching Martha's English ancestors in England, I found a wealth of online resources which are now included on the Resources page. You will find a lot of additional Cornish families addded to the database over time.

9 Sep 2013

Added actual map rather than link of Velten surname distribution in Germany to The Velten Surname page on the portal. This map is generated by the Geogen site of Christoph Stoepel, which is licensed under a Creative Commons license and permits such use.

27 Aug 2013

Changed the German-language site to now include living persons with details in most cases limited to names and relationships.

7 May 2013

Upgraded to Second Site V5.05. Corrected a style issue so the menu bar now wraps when viewed in the Chrome browser.

22 Apr 2013

Upgraded site to use Second Site V5.0 which enabled the following improvements to the web site:

  • The pop-up pedigree on each Person page has been replaced with the Family Explorer that now shows three generations of ancestors plus siblings, spouses and children. Look for the red tree icon at the top left of each Person narrative. 
  • Submenus were added to the menu bar at the top of the pages. Menu items that have content below them will now show an inverted triangle icon indicating a submenu is available. Hovering the mouse over the menu button should display a clickable submenu of items.
  • On the menu bar I combined four "notable persons" indexes under a single button called "key persons". This allowed me to give the indexes more meaningful titles, such as "notable members of the velten family".

19 Aug 2012

I constructed several family album pages under the Album button on the top menu bar. I will be adding photos to these pages as I scan and edit them. Check back frequently to see what is new.

18 Aug 2012

The site will now additionally contain the names and relationships of persons believed to be living. This information is believed to be perfectly safe and will allow viewers to see where they fit into the tree. Hopefully you enjoy this change, which will approximately double the number of persons on the web site.

10 Aug 2012

Edit the US IGI links in the Resources section to update them to use the new FamilySearch format for IGI searches

16 Apr 2012

Upgraded to SecondSite V4.2 which supports these new features:

  • The site now has a Search page that allows searching for people and places on the web site.
  • When you follow a link to a person, only that person's narrative will appear

 5 Apr 2012

  • Added some additional resource links to the Our DNA Results page.
  • Deleted Mocavo search page and the Mocavo script because it was completely worthless and just put annoying advertising on my web site.

1 Apr 2012

  • Changed setting on Place Index so that US locations will now be grouped together at the end of the index under a USA country label. Prior versions had US States sorted alphabetically with other countries.
  • Added more names to Alsace Immigrants info page.
  • Modified the living person exclusion criteria to allow a spouse of a deceased person to be used in a marriage event. Generally it is not a secret who you are married to. The living spouse does not have a narrative and does not appear in any index.

26 Feb 2012

  • Add Mocavo search box to bottom of site pages.
  • Fix and update broken Resources links.

30 Dec 2011

  • Added latitide/longitude values and short place names for most Pfalz locations. Corrected the names of some locations.
  • Updated the copyright date for the new year.

24 Dec 2011

Rebuilt site using TMG v8 database. It should look similar but more places in the Place Index will now have latitude/longitude values, since TMG v8 converts to using the decimal values supported by Second SIte.

7 Aug 2011

In the Resources page, I converted the IGI links for German villages to use the new FamilySearch.org interface. I tried the US locations but they don't appear to be available yet on the new site.

23 Jul 2011

Upgrade site to use Second Site V4.

1 Jun 2011

Added IGI Batch Number Index for US locations in Ohio and Missouri.

1 May 2011

Added a page documenting emigrants from Alsace to Ohio. The table provides village of origin and links to persons in the database.

24 Apr 2011

I added to the Resources page a subpage providing an IGI Batch Number Index for selected villages in Germany.

26 Mar 2011

Added the Our DNA Results page to Portal page, including pedigree charts for my wife and myself. The charts will make it easier to corespond with potential matches on the various DNA sites.

20 Mar 2011

Updated the Library Thing widget on the Resources to display more titiles from my library.

25 Jan 2011

Added the indented descendant charts for the Müller line. Changed chart file naming from the automatically generated names to semi-meaningful file names.

23 Jan 2011

  • Updated site using the new version of SecondSIte,V3.4.0, taking advantage of the new indented pedigree and descendant charts.
  • Added a set of indented pedigree charts to the Pedigree Charts page.
  • Added a set of indented descendant charts to the Descendant Charts - Velten Line charts page.
  • For charts, switched to using descriptive file names rather than the automatically generated file names produced by SS3.

1 Dec 2010

Added a button to menu bar linking to my blog ar http://goingtothewest.blogspot.com.

29 Nov 2010

  • Added this edit log page to describe significant changes to the web site.
  • I re-organized the Links page, renaming it Resources, and split the content between direct resource links and a linkroll from my delicious.com bookmark page. Rather than continually updating the Links list with new links as I find them, I will be adding them to my delicious.com page. The linkroll will display the most recent additions and provides a link to the page where the complete list may be viewed. There is also an invittaion to be added to my "network", which means you will be notified when I make additions to the list. If you think you do not get enough email now, you will certainly want to add me to your network.
  • There is now a button bar at the bottom of each page that will allow you to bookmark or share a page with just a click or two.