These are a few of the "brick walls" we have encountered in our research. Any information on these people would be appreciated.

On the Velten Side.

Daniel Simmons -- What happened to Daniel Simmons? His whereabouts were unknown and he was presumed dead when his mother's estate was probated in 1904.

William Simmons -- The origin and date of immigration of William and Rosalie Simmons is unknown. It is believed they emigrated to Illinois (probably Chicago), then moved westward through Missouri to Kansas, where they lived in the Lawrence area for many years. They finally moved to Barry County, Missouri, shortly before William's death in 1881.

Heinrich Westrich -- The parents of Heinrich are unknown. The record for his marriage does not mention parents, and I do not have a baptism record for him.

Johann Caspar Fell -- He married and had one child in Nanzweiler, but then he disappeared from the Glan-Münchweiler records. It is assumed that he moved to another, unknown location. If anyone knows where he went, I would love to know.