The official name of the church is Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but it is locally referred to as Reed Assumption. The church was originally a part of the Cleveland Diocese, and was founded in 1867 by Reedtown’s German Catholic population, including the Millers and Veltens. Assumption parishioner Jacob Schmidt donated four acres of land to the church in 1867. The first frame church building was erected that year at the cost of $3,600.

The original church building burned to the ground on Feb. 13, 1907. A new church of Romanesque design was built. Assumption’s congregation worshiped in the new church for the first time March 19, 1908 and it was dedicated by Bishop Koudelka of Cleveland August 2, 1908.

For a full history, see the church web site: History of Assumption Reed Church

Assumption Church, Reedtown, Ohio