"Reedtown, a few miles northeast of Omar, was platted as Catlinville by I. Catlin, but the plat was never recorded. The location is on the Sandusky and Columbus road, just south of the old Catholic mission. When the road was cut through this place a man named Cook was placed in charge of the tollgate and the locality was known as "Cook's Gate." Kelly, Lorin, Knapp and Ackley kept store, successively, in this vicinity, and during the mercantile careers of each, here, the place was given the name of the storekeeper. Edward Hanford's hotel was an institution here certainly as early as 1834. Dr. B. D. Williams opened an office here in 1835. William Knapp was the first postmaster, vice Thomas Bennett who refused the office. The present postmaster is John G. Weaver. Like Omar it is a country hamlet, surrounded by a rich agricultural district with a neighborhood inhabited by industrious, thrifty farmers." --History of Seneca County, Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1886