St. Liborius German Catholic parish was organized as an offshoot of St. Joseph's in 1855. A church was built at Hogan and North Market Streets in 1857 and schools were erected in 1859 and 1865. The present church was completed in 1889 and featured a 265 foot stone lace-work steeple similar to that of Freiburg Cathedral in Germany. This was removed in 1966. The present school was built in 1886 and the rectory in 1890. The church is notable for its imported altar and stained glass windows. Source: History of St. Louis Neighborhoods.

St. Liborius is registered in the National Registry of Historic Places. A history of the church can be found here.

A Google Maps view of the church and school can be seen here.

St. Liborius Church, St. Louis, Missouri