This table provides links to IGI records for selected locations in the US relevant to the families in this database. The records in the IGI are extracted records from microfilms of original church and civil primary records. Record type prefixes: C=Baptism/Birth, M=Marriage.

 IGI Batch Number Index for Selected Locations in the United States

 Click on the Batch Number value to find records for the selected batch number.

State County Event Period Prefix    Batch #         
Missouri Barry Births ?-1884 C C514617
Missouri Barry Marriages 1837-1877 M M514611
Missouri Barry Marriages 1877-1885 M M514612
Missouri Jasper Births ?-1816, 1828-1832, 1851-1864 C C515261
Missouri Jasper Marriages 1841-1874 M M515261
Missouri Jasper Marriages 1873-1881 M M515262
Missouri Jasper Marriages 1881-1885 M M515263
Missouri Lawrence Births 1827-1876 C C515321
Missouri Lawrence Marriages 1845-1868 M M515321
Missouri Lawrence Marriages 1881-1885 M M515322
Missouri Lawrence Marriages 1869-1881 M M515323
Missouri Newton Births 1865-1866 C C515511
Missouri Newton Marriages 1861-1879 M M515511
Missouri Newton Marriages 1879-1884 M M515512
Missouri Newton Marriages 1884-1885 M M515513
Ohio Erie Births 1856-1857 C C513964
Ohio Erie Births 1856-1867 C C596909
Ohio Erie Births 1867-1887 C C869052
Ohio Erie Births 1871-1899 C C547747
Ohio Erie Births 1889-1908 C C547748
Ohio Erie Births 1870-1881 C C547742
Ohio Erie Births 1881-1885 C C547743
Ohio Erie Births 1886-1888 C C546955
Ohio Erie Births 1884-1902 C C546837
Ohio Erie Births 1890-1900 C C546839
Ohio Erie Births 1871-1908 C C547243
Ohio Erie Births 1870-1908 C C546953
Ohio Erie Births 1871-1909 C C547437
Ohio Erie Births 1870-1896 C C546848
Ohio Erie Births 1870-1908 C C546844
Ohio Erie Births 1871-1891 C C513966
Ohio Erie Births 1871-1891 C C546842
Ohio Erie Births 1870-1908 C C547434
Ohio Erie Births 1871-1902 C C547682
Ohio Erie Marriages 1838-1864 M M513961
Ohio Erie Marriages 1864-1881 M M513962
Ohio Erie Marriages 1881-1885 M M513963
Ohio Huron Births 1866-1875 C C513445
Ohio Huron Births 1892-1908 C C869115
Ohio Huron Marriages 1818-1846 M M513441
Ohio Huron Marriages 1846-1855 M M513442
Ohio Huron Marriages 1855-1878 M M513443
Ohio Huron Marriages 1878-1885 M M513444
Ohio Seneca Births 1864-1875 C C514116
Ohio Seneca Births 1867-1871 C C546662
Ohio Seneca Births 1870-1871 C C546663
Ohio Seneca Births 1873-1875 C C546665
Ohio Seneca Births 1875-1877 C C546666
Ohio Seneca Births 1876-1877 C C546669
Ohio Seneca Births 1878-1879 C C728931
Ohio Seneca Marriages 1841-1856 M M514111
Ohio Seneca Marriages 1856-1885 M M514112
Ohio Seneca Marriages 1864-1870 M M514113
Ohio Seneca Marriages 1870-1877 M M514114
Ohio Seneca Marriages 1877-1885 M M514115
Ohio Seneca Marriages 1824-1848 M M514111